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For somebody, writing a e-mail or publish some article is a hobby. But, have you been mind to express our feelings into the e-mail or article in the form of a picture? feeling sad sad, feeling happyhappy, or anything else? broken heart maybebroken heart, make some call maybecall?
With this picture (or people almost say emocition/smiley), people will more interesting to our e-mail or article.The way is so simple.In this tutorial, we will know how to use that feature. First you must, download the software. Software name is can download in this link., wait for the process. maybe is a good idea for some coffee maybe.
opps, download process was finished. Now, you must have to install that software. After install you can use that program.


To you use this software is so simple to. Just drag the picture which you want insert to post, and a "smiley" will appear. Just follow this picture below.....

This software are applicable for :
1. Microscoft Outlook
2. Outlook Express
3. Gmail
4. Yahoo mail.
5. MSN mail
6. blogger
7. and another else.

I hope this article was usseful for us.

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One Response to "SMILEY IN YOUR POST"

  1. uchie Says:

    Oh gitu yah caranya.. boleh nih di coba. thanks yah infonya

  1. Chalief Says:

    nice post bro...keren bangetzz....hehe...


  1. Anonymous

    hmm..mkasih tutornya...